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How to Build a National Brand: Interview with Liu Jianjia, Chairman of SOAIY

As an independent national brand, SOAIY has been established for 25 years and has accumulated more than 100 million users. It is the most valuable brand in China and one of the top ten influential bra

As an independent national brand, SOAIY has been established for 25 years and has accumulated more than 100 million users. It is the most valuable brand in China and one of the top ten influential brands in China's digital industry. SOAIY's brand strategy of "entertainment marketing" has achieved great success over the years; starting from the cooperation with Super Girl He Jie in 2007, SOAIY has cooperated with dozens of musicians and artists, including Chae Yeon, Lu Liangwei, Ray Lui and Yu Kewei.

On August 6, 2020, Yu Kewei and Liu Jianjia, Chairman of SOAIY, presented a live production show at the SOAIY factory, which broke the routine of live streaming e-commerce and moved the live studio to the production line, bringing products closer to users with the F2C marketing model of live streaming while producing.    



This time, Zhongguancun Online was invited to visit the headquarters of SOAIY, and had an interview with Liu Jianjia, Chairman of SOAIY; Liu Jianjia gave detailed answers on the advantages of SOAIY brand, internet celebrity factory, product innovation, SOAIY Maker Space and future development planning, and the following is the main content of the interview.  

Chairman of SOAIY——LiuJianjia

Zhongguancun Online: What is SOAIY's brand advantage?

Liu: SOAIY has been doing it for 25 years. We have experienced traditional wholesale, stores and shopping malls all the way. SOAIY has achieved its sales advantage on the Internet today and maintained its sales growth. The most important core factor lies in our products. SOAIY's products have a strong research and development team, which is data-oriented based on Internet thinking. Therefore, when we research and develop products, we will do a lot of data research in the early stage of research and development to cater to our consumers. Only in this way can SOAIY maintain its core competitiveness, which is the core advantage of our SOAIY brand.

Zhongguancun Online: What is the core of good products? Is it user experience or product orientation?

Liu: In fact, there is no shortage of products in the whole market now. After so many years of development in China, the supply of products exceeds the demand. How to grasp the demand point of the brand is also our key research in the early stage. Whether the products can be sold or not and whether the users like them or not depend on whether our brand is accurate in positioning the potential customers in the early stage, what products our users need, what price range, where to use them; we make differences in the needs of users in the industry to increase the exposure rate of SOAIY products in the market and make our products popular with users in the market, which is also the importance of our products. SOAIY has always advocated sales channels that cater to the Internet market. Each of our products is made with the bestseller strategy.

Zhongguancun Online: Affected by the epidemic this year, many products are being broadcast live on the Internet. What are the reasons for SOAIY to open its Internet celebrity factory?

Liu: Live streaming has been popular for two years since 2018 and 2019. This year, the country is affected by the epidemic, and the government pays more attention to the trend of live streaming e-commence. However, many live streaming e-commence is a cooperate with online celebrities and traders, resulting in a relatively high return rate. Although there are value-added sales, the value of impulsive consumption of live streaming products to users is declining. Low priced, cheap things and the quality of products cannot meet the needs of users in many aspects. They are all impulsive consumption. Through a new sales model (Factory to Customer), the factory interacts directly with users and builds a new sales channel without any middlemen and any link to earn the price difference. We advocate the concept of live streaming of production, so that users can buy satisfactory products with "visible quality and visible effect". Therefore, it is our idea to spread to users how products are produced through this live streaming.

Zhongguancun Online: Will celebrity endorsed products achieve greater communication to fans and audiences?

Liu: Celebrity endorsement promotes brand continuity. We combine popularity of celebrities with brand, allow users to know more about the brand, and promote the brand through celebrities, which we call entertainment marketing. Marketing is to create momentum and better communicate the brand. We have cooperated with celebrities since 2001 to cater to SOAIY's brand positioning and customer group positioning, thus increasing the brand's exposure.

Zhongguancun Online: SOAIY has been established for 25 years this year, and you have won many awards. Please briefly introduce SOAIY products.

Liu: SOAIY started with VCD, DVD, audio, LCD TV, MP3 and MP4, and has been focusing on consumer electronic products, with customers mainly aged 25-35-40. Now MP3 and DVD are gone. We have been focusing on consumer electronic products. Digital products change every year. In terms of new product research and development, we follow market demand. We will make timely adjustments to Bluetooth headsets and smart audio products according to market changes.

Zhongguancun Online: You mentioned the pursuit of product quality. How does SOAIY control product quality? What is the system of after-sales service?

Liu: Our product sales channels are all online. Buyers may return the products without reason within seven days after purchase, and the quality of the enterprise is assessed by the market. For a bad review for inferior quality, a product may not be well sold. If after-sales guarantee is not available, users will return the goods casually, so we can only do a good job in quality. We have to be very careful with quality, upstream corporate culture and awareness and avoid any problems. We have signed agreements with upstream suppliers and all employees have received training on quality. We often talk about whether this product can satisfy consumers in the training on quality awareness. In this way, we cultivate this strong concept of quality consciousness.

Zhongguancun Online: SOAIY held factory production live streaming on August 6. I have also seen the environment of factories of other brands. They have done a very good job in the confidentiality measures for the production line, not to mention live streaming. Why is SOAIY so bold that the whole production line is broadcast live to the vast number of netizens?

Liu: We wish to build a F2C marketing ecology. The purpose of live streaming of production is that our products can reach users directly without any intermediate links. Live streaming of production is to let users see the quality and effect most directly. For a product, the materials used determine the quality of the whole product. For example, the battery determines the endurance of a product. The battery may come with 200 milliamperes, 400 milliamperes, etc. The smaller the capacity of the battery, the shorter the battery life. By means of live streaming of production, we let users see that our products use full-capacity batteries, and the sense of use and experience is better. In the future, SOAIY wants to follow the mode that manufacturer links to users one at one stroke to cater to the development trend of the internet. Through the video terminal and the live streaming terminal, users will stay loyal to products, and the desire and demand for purchase will also increase significantly.

Zhongguancun Online: SOAIY Maker Space is mainly dedicated to deep incubation and all-round combination of corporate models to help the growth of this project. Please tell us about the operation mode of this platform. For start-ups, what kind of support can SOAIY Maker Space provide?

Liu: This is also a strategic direction of SOAIY. The distribution-based sales port is operated in such a way that our products came out and were distributed to every province and every prefecture-level city throughout the country for sale. Now through the development of the Internet in recent years, SOAIY's products are delivered by e-commerce through logistics. Today, consumers' buying habits have changed. Since 2016, SOAIY has moved to the Internet sales channel. In 2017, we proposed SOAIY Maker brand, aiming at the Internet with a point-to-point approach. In that year, we came up with the idea of promoting work in all areas by drawing upon the experience gained on key points in the era of internet. 

The first platform operation we did in the early days was the small and medium-sized platform. Each product and each project were operated independently. After four years of development, SOAIY has already established 11 subsidiaries, each of which use their speciality to make a quality product to draw upon the experience gained on key points and cater to the competition online. The Internet builds an ecological chain of sales, which is about predatory sales, the products are displayed intensively for purchase by top customers.We did a lot of live streaming last year, and our we media is gradually growing up.

The second strategic layout is SOAIY Maker Space. The platform operates on a project basis and the Maker Space operates on a personalized sales basis. When I held a meeting with the employees, I said that in SOAIY, we are not operating as a platform, and SOAIY can set up a startup platform in the future. With production of short videos, employees can be sales ports in the future. We have also set up a SOAIY supply platform. In the future, our production employees may sell goods through Douyin, Kuaishou, we media, WeChat, etc., and this will also help more people to start businesses!

Zhongguancun Online: "Everyone is a SOAIY employee, and everyone has a SOAIY heart". SOAIY's products are fashionable and cost-effective. The products are favored by users. Will SOAIY consider creating higher-end sub-brands to cover more consumer groups in the future?


Liu: The sub-brands have not been considered for the time being. We have always raised SOAIY as a son. Our investment has never stopped for so many years. A brand has to depend on its products to reach consumers. Only when the product is good can the brand be valuable; if the product is not good, the brand is worthless. We often see a lot of SOAIY products on the street, and the feedback from users is relatively good. We are also very pleased to cultivate SOAIY into a popular brand in China.

SOAIY's user orientation, including our product orientation and brand positioning, is born for music. In the future, we plan to invite domestic first-line music spokesmen to combine SOAIY's brand tonality and create products, hoping that through these two or three years, more domestic consumers will have a deeper understanding of SOAIY's products and sound quality!

During this visit to SOAIY factory, the editor has gained a lot. The interview with Mr. Liu gives me a deep understanding of a brand-new marketing model of the internet celebrity factory. At the same time, I also witnessed the whole "production" process of a number of SOAIY audios, headsets and other products. From product research and development to production to marketing, SOAIY has been fully integrated with the Internet. Combining with different life cycle stages of digital products, SOAIY is presented in a way that is more in line with the demands of Internet users. This is a new attempt for SOAIY's brand and products to achieve a leap, and also a way of survival for many domestic brands to learn from.

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How to Build a National Brand: Interview with Liu Jianjia, Chairman of SOAIY
As an independent national brand, SOAIY has been established for 25 years and has accumulated more than 100 million users. It is the most valuable brand in China and one of the top ten influential bra
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